Making Education Accessible to Every Child and Youth in Lebanon and of High Quality, Again

We shall not allow the collapse to define the future of our children and youth.
We strive hard to keep education accessible to every one of them and restore its quality by filling the gaps caused by the crisis.
Together, we can make them soar beyond the limitations imposed by circumstances, and revive Lebanon's struggling education system
— Who We Are —

A Reliable Partner in a Time of Crisis

Intensive Foundation is a non-governmental organization that aims to enhance the quality of education in Lebanon and promote community empowerment by bridging the gap in educational disparities and creating opportunities for all children and youth in Lebanon to access quality education and acquire effective skills
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— What We Do —

Empowering Children and Youth in Lebanon Through Quality Education and Effective Skills, for a Prosperous, Sustainable, and Peaceful Future

Access Program
Individuals ensure continuity or access to basic education.
We help individuals and their families overcome all types of obstacles.
These immediate actions are temporary, as we follow up and strive to apply sustainable solutions through our program number 4
Headway Program
Individuals get quality education and acquire effective skills.
We help individuals in their difficulties and needs, fill the gaps due to the current crisis, and collaborate with stakeholders to improve quality and efficiency of the whole education system
Merit Program
Individuals get decent employment jobs and achieve entrepreneurial success.
We help individuals continuously develop the right knowledge and professional skill sets, and assist them in everything they need for career success and thriving business projects, from planning to launching to growing
Resilience Program
Individuals realize self-actualization and independence, and contribute to prosperity and peace of their communities.
We help individuals, their families, and their communities apply sustainable solutions to persistent problems, access lifelong quality learning opportunities, while fostering a spirit of giving back and assisting others, enabling self-sufficiency